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CollegeReady News – Summer 2023 Edition

We introduce CollegeReady's newest staff and board members, recipient Selena stays focused on making a difference, and NEW Scholars students pay it forward by serving the community.

Paying for college: Why submit the FAFSA?

Financial aid professional Vanessa Mahlik clears up some common misconceptions and shares what she knows about FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to help students pay for college.

How to make the most of your college tour

Find out what one parent learned while helping her children find the right college fit, starting with a key element: the campus tour.

‘Ready When You Are’ – a blog from CollegeReady

Introducing 'Ready When You Are' - a blog from CollegeReady designed to educate, enlighten and engage about school success, college access and affordability, degrees and careers, and commitment to community.

CollegeReady News – Fall 2022 Edition

Now that we've graduated two cohorts of NEW Scholars, we're seeing some exciting trends! We reflect on the summer's Lamp of Knowledge Celebration, and showcase one family as they motivate and encourage their college-bound kids.

CollegeReady News – Spring 2022 Edition

CollegeReady gets kids on campus to help them visualize college, and we're recognizing our NEW Scholars for their excellence in leadership. We can't wait to invite you to our Summer 2022 events - mark your calendar!

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