(920) 857-9088
(920) 857-9088

Angie Friedland

NEW Scholars High School Coordinator


What’s the best part about working at CollegeReady?

The best part of working at CollegeReady is being able to witness the tremendous support and success that this organization consistently provides for students from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. I want all children to have a fair shot at reaching their academic and general life goals, regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds or experiences. CollegeReady is the place making dreams come true for so many families and removing barriers.  I am beyond blessed for this opportunity to be a part of such a determined team, supporting so many students!

How did your education or previous life experiences prepare you for your role here?

I thoroughly loved teaching throughout the years and developed some very close bonds and memories I will never forget. The hardest part of teaching was saying goodbye!

The second hardest thing was starting over every year.

After a decade of teaching in diverse classrooms, I was looking for an opportunity to teach kids while staying connected throughout their educational journey. CollegeReady follows and supports students, not only within one classroom, but throughout their years in school. This is exactly where I was meant to land. To my surprise, I’ve even found many of my previous Kindergarten students! Now I’m helping to lead them right to graduation, and eventually college.

What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

I love taking little adventures with my two kids, Sedona and Sage. I also enjoy playing the piano and reading.

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter? Why?

Summer is definitely my favorite season. It allows for more outdoor freedom. The ocean is my favorite place on Earth to be. There is something so strong and powerful about it.

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