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NEW Scholars


NEW Scholars is our college readiness program for local, underserved youth who want to be the first in their family to graduate from college, but lack the understanding and resources to get there. Starting in sixth grade and continuing through 12th grade, we ready these students and their families for success on the path to higher education and acceptance into college.

Through college visits, service learning, reading and writing activities, college prep support, grade and assignment monitoring, and parent workshops, NEW Scholars breaks down barriers to higher education that exist for so many low-income and first-generation students.

By participating, students also earn up to a $5,000 scholarship, but the financial incentive is just a bonus: We arm them with practical knowledge and the tools they’ll need to succeed in middle school, high school, and into (and through!) college. With our support, our NEW Scholars are changing the course of their future.

Currently serving almost 200 middle and high school students in the Green Bay area.

Our NEW Scholars consistently outscore their peers on standardized tests.
Source: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Providing an in-depth commitment to our students and parents, with over 127 program hours devoted to each family every year.

Serving students and families in the following core areas

Character Development

Service Learning
Reflective Writing 

The NEW Scholars college readiness program creates opportunities for students to develop a strong moral foundation on which to learn and grow. Our program facilitates a culture of inclusion and acceptance by engaging students in activities that help them become a positive role model, show responsibility and initiative, lead with self-confidence, value others, and demonstrate cultural acceptance.

College Readiness

College Visits
Pre-College Programs
Steps to College

Through NEW Scholars, students have an opportunity to explore the many options available to them as they follow their path to college. By visiting colleges and attending summer pre-college programs, our middle and high school students have the rare chance to live on a college campus and get a taste of college life, while delving into topics that interest them. We even include our parents in some college visits, allowing the whole family to learn and ask questions together.

Habits of School Success

Grade & Assignment Monitoring

By engaging students in activities that help them build positive homework and study habits, NEW Scholars shows kids how to be successful in school. Our staff regularly monitors our students’ progress grades and the status of their outstanding assignments, and, with their parents, create a game plan for getting any missing/late work turned in. NEW Scholars also strengthen and fine-tune their writing skills through reading responses, answering targeted prompts to develop their own narrative, and participating in reflective writing activities.

Parent Engagement

Financial Aid and Scholarships
Summer Pre-College Programs
Standardized Testing and GPA/Grades

While it’s important to support students toward encouraging educational and personal growth, NEW Scholars knows how critical it is for parents to be involved and educated, too. Each month, we gather the parents and students for workshops that help them learn the tools they’ll need to support their college-bound child through middle school, high school and on to the college/university. Workshops are delivered to parents by our bilingual NEW Scholars staff, and provide information relevant to their child’s specific grade level.

Apply Now for NEW Scholars

Interested in joining NEW Scholars? Each year in the spring, we accept applications from fifth-graders who will attend Washington or Edison Middle School in Green Bay. Periodically, opportunities may arise for students to join throughout their middle school and high school years. Contact NEW Scholars Director Carmen Lax if you are interested in applying: 920-857-9088 ext. 6 or clax@collegereadywi.org