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Ways to Help

Supporting Students

At CollegeReady, we understand the pivotal role that a community plays in supporting students on their path to higher education.

  • Are you committed to inspiring change here in Northeast Wisconsin?
  • Are you a leader or influential in your community?
  • Do you strongly believe in the power of higher education?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, keep reading and learn how YOU can get involved with CollegeReady!

Make a Financial gift

As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, CollegeReady gratefully accepts donations from individuals, businesses, foundations, and others. We appreciate any gift, large or small!

Individual Contributions

Individuals who contribute to CollegeReady are invited to various special events, fundraising activities, and receive special recognition. In fact, if a donor’s gift is over $1,000, a new scholarship will be created and named by that donor! Individual donors also receive a copy of our newsletter.

Corporate Sponsors

Businesses and other community organizations contribute to annual funding and are invited to participate in other fundraising activities throughout the year. Sponsors receive recognition through named scholarships, event sponsorship, and publicity associated with our special events.

Scholarships for Perpetuity

For questions or interest in creating a scholarship for perpetuity, please contact Executive Director Brent Roubal.

Memorials and Trusts

Many of our donors wish to leave a lasting legacy through bequests, memorials, and trusts. Such endowed contributions provide continuous financial assistance to students and offer ongoing reverence to the contributor. Many bequests and trusts are fully administered by CollegeReady, while others are endowed through annual contributions.

Special Events

Each year, CollegeReady hosts special events with the goal of raising funds, recognizing special individuals, promoting educational opportunities, and celebrating the organization’s noteworthy accomplishments. During our annual Lamp of Knowledge Celebration, our scholarship recipients proudly accept their awards in front of friends, family, donors, and community members. Our volunteers assist staff by helping to organize and implement this very special dinner and ceremony.

Get Involved - Volunteer

Are you looking for ways to give back to your community? CollegeReady is in need of dedicated volunteers like you and has a wide variety of options!

Board of Directors

This leadership team acts in a volunteer capacity and plays a critical role in the strategic direction and governance of the organization. They are responsible for setting policies, monitoring operations, and serve as advocates for CollegeReady.

Standing Committees

Much of the organization’s work is done through standing committees. Many of our community supporters, with a wide array of interests and expertise, dedicate themselves to the mission of CollegeReady. Standing committees include:

  • Scholarship Committee: Recommends scholarship criteria and guidelines, evaluates changes and additions to scholarship programs, and oversees the scholarship selection process.
  • Scholarship Selection Committee: Each year, 50+ scholarship selection volunteers review scholarship applications.
  • Finance Committee: Responsible for overseeing investments, setting the budget, and making recommendations to the Board on the annual amount of scholarships to be awarded.
  • Development Committee: Responsible for building and maintaining membership, attracting major donors, and planning special fundraising events.
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