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Scholarship Opportunities


It was the fall of 1962, and Don McMasters, then principal of Green Bay East High School, knew he had some high-achieving students that should be continuing their education in college. However, due to their families financial limitations, he knew that would not be possible. Understanding the life-changing importance of higher education, he began contacting local leaders to develop a scholarship program. Scholarships, Inc., now CollegeReady, was founded that winter and awarded scholarships to 16 students from the Class of 1963.

Our focus on helping successful students with financial need remains the same almost 60 years later. Through endowed funds and local support, we annually award more than $450,000 to close to 200 students attending both two-year/ technical and four-year colleges and universities.

It’s no secret the cost of higher education has dramatically increased, which makes our scholarships even more impactful. Many of our recipients tell us that it would have been difficult or not at all possible for them to attend college without our help.

Recipients are chosen each year in a thorough applicant review process involving many volunteers. Our selection process continues to be effective, as annually more than 90% of our recipients return for their second year of college and ultimately graduate with a degree.

Scholarships for High School Seniors
CollegeReady Distinguished Student Award
Partner Scholarships
Renewal Scholarships for Current College Students

Available to graduating high school seniors for their first year of college. Many are eligible to be renewed for a second year.

We have many scholarship opportunities – some awards are very specific (must attend a specific college or graduate from a specific high school, must have participated in certain extracurricular activities, etc.), while many of our scholarships are more general in nature.

To be considered for our scholarship opportunities, candidates must complete our online application process for graduating high school seniors.

Interested applicants should review our Eligibility criteria before submitting an application.

This award is intended for a graduating high school senior who exemplifies care and support of their community. Administrators at the Brown and Door County, Wisconsin high schools listed here are invited to select one Distinguished Student each year to receive a one-time $1,000 award. 

Students are nominated and therefore cannot apply for this award.

Recipients are announced at each high school’s senior awards ceremony.

Available to high school seniors for their first year of college; some are eligible to be renewed for two or more years.

These scholarships are funded by individuals, organizations and corporations that wish to recognize students based on specific criteria that are important to the donor. The conditions of the award are set by each respective donor in order to offer opportunities to students with specific accomplishments, but they must follow our mission and fall within the operating parameters of CollegeReady.

Some Partner Scholarships are open to students in Wisconsin counties other than Brown and Door. Review the list of scholarships below to learn more about Partner Scholarships that are available through CollegeReady.

Many of our scholarships are eligible for renewal. Students who are eligible to apply for renewal scholarships will receive an email containing login and completion instructions in mid-May.

Renewal scholarship candidates must demonstrate continued academic achievement and active participation in college activities, maintain good academic standing, and submit a Renewal Application. This application includes Student Aid Report (generated by completing a FAFSA) and Financial Aid Offer (issued by your school’s financial aid office) for the upcoming school year, up-to-date college transcript, and written responses focusing on experiences and challenges throughout the last year in school.

Brown County High School Awards

Alec Thomas Memorial Scholarship: 
Brown County high school student whose life has been impacted by a mental health issue. Must complete an essay to be considered. Financial need is not a factor.

Carl & Eva Bartzen Memorial Scholarship

Charles Blodgett Memorial Scholarship:
Green Bay West High School student pursuing Architecture or Design.

Richard & Leah Brenden Memorial Scholarship:
Green Bay West High School student.

Karin Brown Award: 
Green Bay East High School student with demonstrated perseverance over special/unique circumstances.

Bob “Birdie” Burt Memorial Scholarship: 
Green Bay West High School graduate attending UW-Green Bay for the second year.

Cofrin Foundation Scholarship

Anthony G. Czech Memorial Scholarship: 
Brown County high school student planning to attend NWTC or FVTC.

M.E. Davis, Jr. Memorial Scholarship: 
For a senior graduating from a Green Bay Area Public high school.

Howard & Carol De Groot Endowed Scholarship

George & Anna Dittmer Trust Scholarship

Elizabeth Dunne Memorial Scholarship

Grace Englebert Memorial Scholarship

Gabrielle Fritsche & Paige Derenne Memorial Scholarship: 
Green Bay Preble High School student.

James W. & Betty J. Garrity Memorial Scholarship

Green Bay Packers Foundation Scholarship

Robb Greenawald Memorial Scholarship:
Green Bay Preble High School student with extracurricular and volunteer involvement.

David Hanaway Memorial Scholarship

Lois Hanaway Memorial Scholarship

Loraine Hartmann Memorial Scholarship

Ron C. & Pauline P. Heim Scholarship

Richard D. & Joan C. Hogan Memorial Scholarship

Thomas & Helen Hundley Memorial Scholarship

KC Stock Foundation Scholarship:
Brown County high school students pursuing a business degree; emphasis on GPA above 3.0 and strength of personal statement. This scholarship can be available for up to four years.

Kincheloe Family Scholarship: 
For a senior graduating from a Green Bay Area Public high school.

Rick & Jackie Kummers Scholarship

Beth LoCascio Memorial Scholarship: 
Green Bay West High School student pursuing a four-year or technical degree; majoring in music or theatre.

Phillip G. Macht Memorial Scholarship: 
Brown County high school student who will attend UW-Madison.

Lucille Meusel Trust Scholarship: 
Brown County high school students pursuing Music or a related field.

Ronald H. Parmentier Memorial Scholarship: 
De Pere High School Boys Basketball team member who has played all four years; written recommendation from Head Basketball Coach is required.

Ruth and Jack Parmentier Memorial Scholarship: 
Brown County high school student with a demonstrated drive to succeed and overcome challenges.

Kim S.E. Parmentier Delwiche Memorial Scholarship: 
Brown County high school student with a demonstrated drive to succeed and overcome challenges.

Marjorie & Leonard Rohloff Memorial Scholarship: 
Brown County high school students pursuing Music or Art.

Ruth E. Schmidt Memorial Scholarship

Schuette Family Foundation Scholarship:
Brown County high school students seeking their first undergraduate degree from St. Norbert College, UW-Green Bay or Bellin College. This scholarship may be available for up to four years.

William T. Sprole Memorial Scholarship: 
Green Bay Southwest High School student.

Andrae Verheyden Memorial Scholarship

Byron L. Walter Family Scholarship

Perry Ziegler and Mary Ziegler-Smith Memorial Scholarship: 
Brown County high school students with proven financial need, strong community service, GPA 3.4 or higher with challenging rigor.

Door County High School Awards

Raibrook Foundation Scholarship:
Door County high school student; emphasis on demonstrated persistence through challenges.
       – Four-year renewable scholarships when attending a four-year accredited college or university full-time.
       – Two-year renewable scholarships when attending a two-year/technical college full-time.

Harold & Marion Barrett Memorial Scholarship

Ernest & Shirley Krueger Endeavour Award: 
Sturgeon Bay High School student with proven financial need. Emphasis on work ethic.

Pearl Noren Memorial Scholarship

Dennis Sawdo Memorial Technical College Scholarship: 
Sturgeon Bay High School student enrolled full-time in a technical or vocation program. Financial need and strong work history is considered. Special consideration given to student whose family has been affected by cancer.

Dennis Sawdo Memorial Scholarship for Diesel Mechanic: 
High school seniors or returning adults in Door County with financial need who are pursuing the one-year Diesel Mechanic studies program (full-time).

Partner Scholarships – Wisconsin’s NEW North Region

Skyline Technologies Scholarship:
Available to students graduating from an accredited high school in one of the following Wisconsin counties of the NEW North Region: Brown, Calumet, Door, Florence, Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, Marinette, Marquette, Menominee, Oconto, Outagamie, Shawano, Sheboygan, Waupaca, Waushara or Winnebago. Here is a list of eligible Wisconsin high schools. Available for two years. For students pursuing a major/field of study in Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Science or a related field at either a four-year college/university or a two-year/technical college on a full-time basis.

Green Bay Packers Pro Shop Employee Scholarship:
Student employed by the Packers Pro Shop through July 31st of the applicant year. Must work a minimum of two days per week at the Green Bay Packers Pro Shop. 

  • One award to a high school senior attending a fully accredited college/university or a technical college full-time.
  • One award to a full-time student already in college or beginning their first year of college after one year post-high school. Open to all employees of the Pro Shop, including those who may have received their award in the past.

Rhoades Sanford Foundation Scholarship:
Two-year, $2,500 scholarship for students graduating from a high school in Wisconsin’s Brown, Door, Outagamie, Shawano, Waupaca & Winnebago counties (list of eligible Wisconsin high schools). These are two-year awards (second year award may vary from first year amount; eligible applicants must re-apply for second year), for students with financial need who will attend a four-year college/university. Multiple scholarships awarded every year.

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