(920) 857-9088
(920) 857-9088

Aleksandra Krzywicka

Administrative Office Specialist

Get to know Aleksandra

What’s the best part about working at CollegeReady?

The team works so well together.  The amount of positivity and excitement that is generated around supporting students not only with scholarships, but also in preparing them for college through the NEW Scholars program is just incredible.  I feel very honored to be a part of such a proficient and collaborative team.

How did your education or previous life experiences prepare you for your role here?

I spent almost a decade in education as a teacher, teaching in Nevada, California, Illinois, and Taiwan. I’ve taught students in kindergarten all the way to adults.  After graduate school, I needed a break from teaching, but wanted to stay education-adjacent and keep helping students reach for their dreams.

I think my education and previous life experience helped to shape who I am, how I interact with students and parents, and how I see the world.  Training to be a teacher and teaching made me a better person.  I know I wouldn’t be this version of me without those experiences and I am very grateful for that.

What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

Sleep in, have brunch, and meet with my friends for some kind of an adventure!

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter? Why?

I love Spring and Fall.  The weather is cooler and there are just as many sunny as rainy days.  There usually aren’t extremes. And everything comes alive in spring.  I like fall for its colors and food (pumpkin and apple spiced everything!).

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