(920) 857-9088
(920) 857-9088

Vicki Villarreal

College Access Coordinator, NEW Scholars

Get to know Vicki

What’s the best part about working at CollegeReady?

The absolute best part about working at CollegeReady is the students! Being able to help our students be fully ready to take their next steps after high school is so incredible. Our students are really the absolute best!

How did your education or previous life experiences prepare you for your role here?

My parents emigrated here from Mexico. While in Mexico, my parents didn’t make it past 6th grade before they had to go to work. This meant that I had to figure everything about my education without them. Without them, but never alone. I was in a precollege program called Upward Bound when I was in high school and they were incredibly helpful at helping me figure out all of my next steps. They gave me the resources and support I needed to be ready for college and make the best decisions for me. I have then spent the last 3 years working with UWGB to help guide students through the admissions process. The college process is long, confusing, and terrifying but I’m here to help!

What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

I love hanging out with my family (I have 22 aunts and uncles and over 100 first cousins so I have plenty to choose from). We get together, eat delicious food, and play games.

Survival gear notwithstanding, what 3 things would you want to be stranded on a deserted island with?

I would take a good book, something that I can use to play music, and a hammock!

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