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NEW Scholars Class of 2023

After talking with NEW Scholar Adriana, ‘focused’ is the word that comes to mind. A sophomore at Green Bay East High School, Adriana is fully committed to continuing her education after high school. “I’ve wanted to go to college since fifth grade,” she shares. “I know people who have gone to college, and they inspired me.
I want to be a nurse.”

Adriana joined NEW Scholars in seventh grade, and she credits the program with helping her maintain her good grades. “It’s also been a good way to meet people who want the same things in their future,” she explains.
Our students enroll in NEW Scholars for a lot of reasons. Some are really excited about the scholarship that they’ll earn, and others know it may open doors for them in the future. Often, parents encourage their child to sign up because they know the information shared in NEW Scholars parent workshops will help them actively participate in their child’s journey to college.

“My mom says she feels confident asking questions in the monthly parent workshops, and she understands more about how to help my sisters and I get ready for college,” Adriana shares.

Becoming the first family member to earn a college degree is challenging, but it means a lot to Adriana. “It means I will go through everything first, and I’ll be an example for my siblings,” she explains. Her two younger sisters are in the NEW Scholars program, where they’re also receiving help to make their dreams for college a reality.

“My mom is a single mom; she does everything she can for us,” Adriana says, wiping away a tear. It’s obvious that her family means everything to her. “Going to college will be a way to appreciate my mom for everything she’s done for me. My college graduation will be a really proud day.”

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