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NEW Scholars Class of 2021

One thing that makes NEW Scholar Jaime especially proud is the amount of volunteer hours he logged during his high school career. “I have given over 420 hours of community service,” Jaime says. “The community has given me so much over the years. To be able to give all that time back is really important to me because it’s something I value.”

Factored into that impressive number of hours is a significant amount of time volunteering for the NEW Scholars program, where he served as a classroom aide and mentor for our younger students. He shared his valuable advice and best practices for staying organized, getting homework done on time, and helped them complete service learning projects and writing activities. “When I helped the middle schoolers out, I see myself in them. I see the struggles that I’ve been through and I see their struggles, so helping them was important to me,” he explains.

After graduating from Green Bay East High School in 2021, Jaime is looking forward to starting his college career at UW-Madison, and majoring in Business with an emphasis in banking, finance and investments. “I’m excited to move to a new city and meet new people, and get involved in new things, and start that next chapter of my life,” says Jaime.

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