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NEW Scholars Class of 2022

Jose, a junior at Preble High School, is a member of the Class of 2022. He’s been a NEW Scholar since sixth grade, and he enjoys playing soccer and participating in the school band.

As a middle school student, Jose struggled academically. Although he was paying attention in class, he had a hard time getting his homework and assignments turned in on time – which consistently led to grades in the C/D range. “I didn’t realize how bad my grades were until I started getting A’s and B’s,” explains Jose.

But that change didn’t happen by magic. Each week at NEW Scholars, our staff tracked the work he was assigned by his teachers, and informed Jose and his parents of anything that was missing or late. Grade and assignment monitoring like this helps parents stay informed and hold their child accountable for their work. But it also shows students the bigger picture: That their family supports and believes in them, and that simply turning in their work on time is the first step toward academic success.

We’re proud of the positive changes that Jose has made! NEW Scholars is with him, every step of the way, on his journey to college.

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