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NEW Scholars Class of 2023

Selena, a sophomore at Preble High School, has been participating in NEW Scholars since sixth grade. In school, she likes math class best, and plays on the girls’ basketball team. “I think I want to be a lawyer,” she shares, but understands that might change before she graduates from high school.

What Selena does know is that college is definitely in her future. Her parents value education for the opportunities and options it provides. “They don’t want to see us working like they do,” she says. “They say, ‘Go to college no matter what.’”

Selena’s parents intend to help their kids pay for college, but Selena sees NEW Scholars as a way to alleviate some of that stress and pressure. “They work so hard,” Selena says. “I want to help pay for college too.” And she does – every time she participates in NEW Scholars, Selena earns scholarship points, which will translate to scholarship dollars upon successful completion of the program.

Neither of Selena’s parents were able to finish high school. Her mother, Ana, tears up when she talks about NEW Scholars. “You’ve given my daughter the opportunity to think differently,” she said. “You’ve given us help we can understand.”

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