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(920) 857-9088

Carmen Vos

NEW Scholars Director

Get to know Carmen

What’s the best part about working at CollegeReady?

Working with the students and families we serve is my favorite part of working at CollegeReady, but the staff are just as amazing!  I love being part of an organization that is so committed to the youth in our community and seeing the students grow as they set their goals and accomplish them.  Seeing our first cohort graduate from high school and receive their scholarships was a moment I will cherish forever. 

How did your education or previous life experiences prepare you for your role here?

As the Director of NEW Scholars, I have an amazing opportunity (and large responsibility) to make sure students and parents are getting the tools, resources, and support to be successful in college.  My previous experience as a teacher, particularly in college readiness, has prepared me to build relationships and learn the various ways people learn and are engaged.  The other part of my job, strategic program and staff development, has been developed through my previous experience in human resources.  I feel fortunate to wear so many hats in one role and to work with such dedicated and talented staff!

What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

My weekends are spent making memories with my husband and kids…usually traveling!  You might find us exploring a national or state park, visiting a beach, biking, playing soccer, or building snow forts in the winter.

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter? Why?

Fall!  I love feeling the crisp air while experiencing the changing landscape colors.  It’s an exceptionally beautiful time of year here in Wisconsin.

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